Easter has arrived...and so has PIZZA!
on Rachel Gates (Indonesia), 18/Apr/2011 03:37, 34 days ago
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Well as people on facebook will know, a pizza place has arrived in Ruteng. Not only that they do stuffed crust, with cheese or meat. Imagine my delight. They also have Chedder and Mozorella cheese. I may never need to come home! Only issue is they do not serve beer in the pizza place...but they do a very nice banana split - with lovely ice cream. I hope they survive my only concern is that must be importing most of the ingredients from somewhere foreign, as you can definitely not buy these things on Flores. But whoever has managed it.... good luck my son, I am sure my custom in the next year will help you out at the beginning of the big pizza adventure in Ruteng!!Beside that not much else has happened. Have had the most hilarious time teaching the teachers English. Now realise the best way to get them engaged is by doing something silly. This week was heads, shoulders, knees and toes with the actions! People here have NO coordination. After Easter I am considering pin the tail on the donkey - with blindfolds! So it is fair and we can include the 4 blind students now part of this course (oh yes inclusion) I have sucessed in one of the many VSO objectives at last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Well this week saw me get nipped on the toe by a scorpion. Nothing serious, and can be treated with a particular suncream from this part of the world. Which I am currently stocking up on, so I am prepared next time this happens, and do not do what I did this time. Scream mainly in English and tell my neighbours I think I am going to die. They thought that was most amusing.My lovely neighbours have done all my washing for me. As I also developed an eye infection this week, which I seem now to be totally recovered from. Just goes to show I need to clean more. They have also fixed two pairs of my trousers which is nice.Of on holiday on Tuesday to LabuanBajo, so hopefully will have some gossip for the next time I right.