Dead bodies
on Rachel Gates (Indonesia), 22/Jun/2011 02:47, 34 days ago
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Well I knew I was going to a funeral, but actually sitting in a room with a corpse of someone I never knew....I was not expecting that. However the funny bit happened before we got to the slightly smelly body.First I spent two hours in a car going to a distant village beginning with the letter W. On the way Sister Petra was very sick. I am always surprised by how very sick Indonesians get when they go travelling, considering they have lived in this mountainous country most of their lives.After this we turn up to the house, I follow the sisters inside. Then one of the sisters remarks..Where is the body? We quickly scan the room, the family of the deceased is present, but seem not to know where they have misplaced there dead person. The Sister's have an idea, we go to the priests house to ask where the dead body has gone.So we arrive at the priests, I am supplied with cake and beer, they know me well in these parts! and the priest explains that the body has been moved as the family home was not big enough. At this point the sisters highlight it might be a good idea to inform the they are wondering where the dead body has gone.So one of the priests leaves to inform the family. 3 beers later I have very rosy cheeks, I am also getting desperate for the loo. However we have to leave or we will be late for mass and the priest who has also joined me in 3 beers, is leading the mass. So we get back down the mountai, find the dead body in the neighbours house, and mass is had.The priest was slightly more animated than usual I will put that down to the beer. I had tears in my eyes, everyone thought I was upset about the dead person, but infact I was very, very desperate for the loo.Mass finished I go to the loo, at last, and we eat. Then all of a sudden I get shouted at by one of the sisters. She asks if I have my camera, I say I have and she tells me to go and take a photo of the dead body. I explained that really in England this might not be considered polite. She explains it is not polite here either, but as I am a tourist noone will mind. I still refuse. As at this point a number of relatives are crying over the open coffin.We then return home. Two hours back to Ruteng. Once again Sister Petra is very sick....she continue's to be sick for a few days afterwards.