When little adjustments seem so big!
on Rachel Gates (Indonesia), 28/Apr/2011 04:35, 34 days ago
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So I have been on holiday. I had a fabulous five days with Bob, Sarah, Jenny and Paul. Hopefully if I can get the internet to work you may even be treated to some pictures on this occasion. If it does not work, sorry but I will try and get them on facebook.So life on holiday was social, involved drinking far too much beer which was a lot of fun. Visiting a swimming pool on a number of days, eating good food. Sitting in a lot of sun, it did rain but not too much and beer was always a good distraction when the rain arrived.Trip back was adventurous on the public bus, especially when we had an unscheduled stop 20 kilometres outside of Rutting as the engine had overheated, which also seem to stop the gears working on the bus. Something you will always needs when dealing with mountain roads.Then I arrived back in Ruteng. I found out I had headlice and it was raining hard! So I arrive one day late back into work, as I needed to sort out the headlice issue first.Today arrived at work and really wished I was still on holiday. Started writing a report for VSO– only to realise I am not fulfilling any of my objectives. Then looked at my to do list realising nothing on it has anything to do with disability...Then you guessed it. The tears started to flow. What am I doing here?However salvation arrived soon after. I have my first official invite to a communion party on the 1stof May, then another one arrived soon after– so I am going to need some new shoes.Then one of the teachers husbands came to visit me at home and fixed the flat tyre on my motorbike and has arranged for me to get a water dispenser delivery so I do not have to boil water.However I am going to have to reconsider what I am doing and how to get some element of disability work back on the agenda...but as they say here pelan pelan! (go slowly!)