Some things I'm going to miss
on Thea's Blog (Uganda), 02/May/2011 16:39, 34 days ago
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Here are some of the sights of Fort Portal I am going to miss:- The‘suit men’ who walk around dressed in 10 jackets one on top of the other in the midday heat trying to sell them to passers by.- The‘maize men’ who work in the maize mills and occasionally emerge in to the sunlight covered from head to toe in white dust like apparitions from the next world.- Little kids screaming‘maazzuuungguuu!!!!’ as if I’m the most exciting thing they’ve ever seen, even though I come past twice a day, every day.- Boda drivers standing at the side of the road tipping their motorbikes 4 feet in the air to get the last drop of petrol out of the tank.- Goats in comic places (doorsteps, backs of bodas, one trying to rest its hairy chin on my knee in a crowded matatu).- The‘lawnmower men’ balancing two strimmers vertically upright in either hand on the back of a boda like medieval knights in a jousting competition.- The boda drivers on the way to Saaka who yell‘Abwooli I loooove yooou!’ and try to jump on the back of my boda as I drive past. The joke never seems to wear thin for them…- Chirpy, flirty, yellow-clad prisoners shouting rude things in lutooro.- Double beds on the backs of bicycles (only seen that once - it was impressive!)- 4 adults + 2 chickens + 1 suitcase on one boda- The beautiful, regal, ever-present Rwenzori mountains.- Banana trees, crater lakes, thunderstorms, blue skies, fresh air, cows with big horns, matooke on bicycles.