Improving Capacity
on Mongolian Guinness (Mongolia), 03/May/2009 06:22, 34 days ago
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In April Nyamka, my counterpart in Chingletei, was away on a volunteer project management course in the Philippines. The course was organised by the VSO office there and was open to people involved in National Volunteering who worked with partner organisations of VSO. The course was in English and the organisors demanded a high standard of English from particpants.The course was perfect for Nyamka and would help in developing his skills and improving the project. However, his English needed some improvement and the course was fast approaching. It took a lot of work to inprove his English to a standard so he could particpate effectively, but he was keen and his English improved substantially.On the last day of his course he had to write a plan and present it to his group. He emailed me the plan for my comments, and I was so pleased (and somewhat relieved, as I recommended him for the course) to see a good plan in English! Part of my objectives is to improve the capacity of my counterparts and I feel as though I have made real progress in that area.