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New Blog - Translation In Mongolia - 30/Jul/2015 03:01 - 3191 days ago
Please follow the brand new blogTranslation In Mongolia, by Double Check Translation.There will be lots of interesting and infor...

Gobi Half-Marathon - September - 12/Oct/2009 07:49 - 5308 days ago
Will I run 21km in the Gobi desert? Yeah, why not?!Most people would think about undertaking some form of training before runnin...

One Year Working in Mongolia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 08/Sep/2009 02:48 - 5342 days ago
I began my placement here (after the initial In Country Training) exactly one year ago today. A whole year of working in Mongo...

Gobi Tour - July 2009 - 07/Sep/2009 07:30 - 5343 days ago
Mongol ElsErdene Zuu KhidKhongoryn ElsYolin Am CanyonsFlaming CliffsOther Photos:http://picasaweb.google.com/chris.guinness...

Naadam - 02/Sep/2009 02:46 - 5348 days ago
From 10-12 July was the Naadam festival– which centres around the three 'manly' sports of archery, horse riding and wrestling....

Something Interesting in Choibalsan! Communist Era Brickwork - 24/Jun/2009 04:19 - 5418 days ago
Buildings in Choibalsan sport communist era designs and writing built into the brickwork. One of the schools has several walls d...

VSO Summer Conference: Island Life, Mountain Climbing and Topless Air Guitar - 20/Jun/2009 06:42 - 5422 days ago
At the beginning of the month we had VSO Mongolia’s Summer Conference. It was held at the summer camp for CYPPD (Children and ...

Darkhan Photos - 23/May/2009 02:47 - 5450 days ago
The first and only suspension bridge in Mongolia, lit up in pink and purple (for some reason!)Removal van!Old Darkhan under blue...

Floods and Snow - A Fine Day In May! - 09/May/2009 04:10 - 5464 days ago
Thursday night saw the first proper rain of 2009 in Mongolia. It bucketed down / heavens opened / rained cate and dogs / p*ssed ...

Improving Capacity - 03/May/2009 06:22 - 5470 days ago
In April Nyamka, my counterpart in Chingletei, was away on a volunteer project management course in the Philippines. The course ...

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