Gobi Half-Marathon - September
on Mongolian Guinness (Mongolia), 12/Oct/2009 07:49, 34 days ago
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Will I run 21km in the Gobi desert? Yeah, why not?!Most people would think about undertaking some form of training before running a half-marathon. Some would think about doing more training before running it in the Gobi. Between working and drinking, the time before the race passed me by, and I was forced to fall back on ignorance to get me through (as with most things in life!).A group of us went down to the Gobi, four of us running the race - the rest came along for the trip and to cheer us on/laugh as we collapsed in the sand. This was my second trip to the Gobi, and I relished the opportunity to camp beneath the stars again. We took four days in total, drining most of the way down on the Friday and returning on the Monday.The race itself took place by the Flaming Cliffs at Bayan Zag - a wonderful point to finish at. The race started at 11.30am in 25*C. The start of the race was soft underfoot, but not too strenuous. After 10km, however, there was a 5km loop which was on sand and uphill. It was torturous! I walked most of this stretch. The end of the race was a climb uphill to the top of the cliffs, the scenery almost making up for the difficulty.I somehow managed to finish 4th in the race, in a time of 2hrs 29mins, beating (albeit a slightly old...) US marine in the process. I felt great as I passed the finish line, but the lack of training told in the following days as I sported a variety of funny walks from John Wayne to Charlie Chapman!