Crafting the Night Away
on Sustainable Dignity (India), 22/Aug/2011 11:27, 34 days ago
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Gina writes:Contrary to what you might think, we havea lotof free time here. That means that I've had the opportunity to do lots of crafting! This post is picture-heavy and will only interest some of this blog's audience, but for those of you who are interested, enjoy!I brought a few cross-stitch kits with me to India, figuring (rightly) that they'd keep me busy for hundreds of hours while taking up very little space.A 5"x7" Japanese girl.For sale.A hugely complicated Thomas Kinkade scene. At least 150 hours of work!For sale.The first 4 of a set of 6 Christmas ornaments/hangings.This one was made for Corey's parents, another 100+ hour project! It was given to them last December when they visited and framed after they got home.My favorite craft is knitting, but I didn't know what my access to yarn would be. I brought 1 big skein of mauve cotton yarn and a selection of knitting needles and hoped for the best. Much to my surprise, I found a craft shop in Koraput's main market!The yarn available here isn't very good quality, but it's better than nothing. I've made a lot of random stuff from what I've found there.Coasters.For sale.(This pattern is my own design, it's alsofor sale on Ravelry.)I made some dolls that are totally impractical but fun to make and cute to look at!Daphne DabbleSamuel the Shopkeeper (with incomplete veggie accessories...I got bored)Here they're joined by Ms. Mop-it-up, making a love triangle that only the dog notices because Daphne is too busy painting!I embroidered this simple little bag for a camera or other small object.Color-coordinated lining!More toys/ornaments/something...For sale.Some fingerless gloves (that still need some decorative buttons).For sale.Not a great picture, but the sweater that I'm currently knitting. One more sleeve to go!For my nephew who is due just 2 weeks before we get back to the U.S., itty bitty booties that look more modern/cute than most I've seen!Also for the little dude.And for his big sister Maris, leg warmers to wear to her dance class!From the cotton yarn that I brought with me, I made two things.A shawl/scarf for me.And fingerless gloves.For sale.For Christmas 2009 and 2010, Corey's parents bought me some gorgeous handspun yarn. I have 2 small skeins to use yet, but have made some cool stuff.A little shoulder bag.For sale.A pair of slippers that doesn't looktoodorky.A wine sock to protect our precious bottles!A small rug of sorts to display figurines on a mantel.That's about it. There are so many projects that I want to make, but we have limited space in our luggage. Only a few more months until I can go to a proper yarn store and make anything I want, without regard to size!