Easter fun
on Hysteria in Nigeria (Nigeria), 16/Apr/2012 09:28, 34 days ago
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My second Easter in Nigeria. This year the long weekend was spent having lots of fun in Abuja. Jenny came to stay, and some highlights included:• Going to the craft village. I need to start filtering down the number of things I want to buy from there to take home, as at the moment it’s pretty much everything they sell, including a big jewelled trunk thing and a chair and table. Given I’m already transporting a cat back with me I’m thinking all of those things may not fit in my luggage allowance.• Having a drink at the Sheraton. Okay, it was only a fanta, and it was 5 times the price we normally pay for a fanta, but it’s nice to see how the other half live every now and again.• Going for fish (or egg and chips for me) at Abacha Barracks and buying more mangos the size of my head.• Having beer at our local bar.• Sangria out of a carton. It’s actually pretty good.• Spending two days lying by the pool at the British Village, and drinking gin and tonic (we could only afford one each, but still).• A night in ordering pizza (yes, this service does exist in Abuja) and watching a DVD.• Making yam balls (they’re nicer than they sound, really).I even got to eat my body weight in chocolate as Jenny helped to deliver a super exciting parcel from my very own Easter Bunny in Calabar.As always it was awesome to see Jenny, but it made me sad to think this was probably one of our last weekends together before the end of our VSO time here. July is definitely approaching far too quickly for my liking. But all in all, a very fun Easter!