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A near CATastrophe - 15/Aug/2012 13:32 - 4328 days ago
I knew that trying to bring a cat back from Nigeria was not going to be easy. But I underestimated just how difficult and stress...

Home sweet home - 03/Aug/2012 09:10 - 4340 days ago
I’ve said it before; Nigeria is like marmite. People either seemed to love it or hate it. I loved it (on the whole!). And now ...

Skin whitening cream, breast cream and padded pants - 18/Jul/2012 10:47 - 4356 days ago
I had a great reminder of how direct people here are recently. We were in a shop at Wuse Market, the main market in Abuja. I was...

Worms, pizza,“wine bars” and more goodbyes - 20/Jun/2012 13:05 - 4384 days ago
I’ll start with the hideous story first. I went to get in the shower the other morning and was surprised to see a big worm lyi...

8 weeks and counting - 01/Jun/2012 09:45 - 4403 days ago
So I’ve now got eight weeks left in Nigeria – almost to the day. I try not to think about this too much because it stresses ...

REAL cocktails, shopping and abandonment - 16/May/2012 08:59 - 4419 days ago
I went to a really fun place the other day– a friend from work took me to Designer Marketplace, which is held the first Saturd...

Water water everywhere - 02/May/2012 09:05 - 4433 days ago
And some other ramblings…I mentioned in a recent blog post that our water supply has been pretty crap - our taps have been mor...

Easter fun - 16/Apr/2012 09:28 - 4449 days ago
My second Easter in Nigeria. This year the long weekend was spent having lots of fun in Abuja. Jenny came to stay, and some high...

No water, running in the desert and getting PUBLISHED! - 11/Apr/2012 18:47 - 4454 days ago
Another blog post full of a whole lot of waffle…I’ll start with the really exciting news first (well, I was excited anyway!)...

Contraception? What's that? - 15/Mar/2012 10:21 - 4481 days ago
I apologise in advance. This is more of a rant than a blog post.I mentioned in my last post that we’d been running some focus ...

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