It's Christmas and Am away from Home
on Clarifel Rodrigo (Tanzania), 23/Dec/2011 12:05, 34 days ago
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It’s Christmas and I am in the continent of Africa – thousands of miles away from home. I feel homesick and longing for the familiar and the usual way of celebrating this day– the festivities, moments with family, relatives and friends, the exchanging and receiving of gifts, lots of food, etc. , etc. Although in my heart, I know that these are not so significant on the true meaning of Christmas. with fellow Filipino volunteers at the big mall in Dar es SalaamI am trying to fight the loneliness by reflecting the good and the bad things that I have and got during this year. I believe that the good ones are blessings or maybe just pure luck. The bad ones should be forgotten but they are meant to happen because they gave me lessons in life which shaping me to be a better person.For all these things, I’m so thankful and glad to have the gift of life that the Creator gave me. I wish that my heart will be full of love, joy, forgiveness and peace this season and not loneliness or emptiness. And I wish the same to all humanity.May Santa fills this plastic bag with peace, joy, hope and love and be scattered around the world - not the plastic bag, only those inside.:-)Have a blessed Christmas!