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Safiri Kwa Handeni District (Part 2) - 08/May/2012 23:01 - 2745 days ago
After a year, I had the opportunity to revisit Handeni. I was there 2 weeks ago for 6 days to participate in the consultati...

Please Support: Community-Based Touristic Income Generating Activity for the benefit of Choma Village - 15/Apr/2012 23:56 - 2768 days ago
This project needs funding to develop camping site facilities at the Choma Village; situated on the foot of Ulugoro Mountain (we...

"do something good" - 24/Mar/2012 22:29 - 2790 days ago
Yesterday should be my flight back home back to the Philippines. But I am still in Tanzania. I have extended until the...

What does it take to make a difference? - 23/Jan/2012 14:22 - 2851 days ago
I am almost a year in Tanzania. The days moved so quickly for the past few days. I was surprised when I noticed the ca...

Happy 2012! - 31/Dec/2011 19:15 - 2874 days ago
Another year is coming. In retrospect, my 2011 is not the best neither that bad.    Even life is too tiring ...

It's Christmas and Am away from Home - 23/Dec/2011 12:05 - 2882 days ago
It’s Christmas and I am in the continent of Africa – thousands of miles away from home. I feel homesick and longin...

crossing the highways - 11/Nov/2011 14:25 - 2924 days ago
Crossing a highway is one of my greatest hurdles.  It happened when I was 7 years old. I was hit by a fast motorc...

carrot juice and old buildings - 27/Oct/2011 19:45 - 2939 days ago
I know that there is no relevance between carrot juice and old buildings. I just can’t think of a better title for this p...

over a cup of cappuccino - 23/Oct/2011 08:34 - 2943 days ago
It’s a month that I have not updated my blog. My brain was preoccupied from work-related to personal, trivial and sensele...

Amid the Inequalities of Gender in Tanzania - 22/Sep/2011 12:47 - 2974 days ago
In Tanzania, the inequalities of women and men still persist politically, socially and economically. And this is common in ...

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