over a cup of cappuccino
on Clarifel Rodrigo (Tanzania), 23/Oct/2011 08:34, 34 days ago
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It’s a month that I have not updated my blog. My brain was preoccupied from work-related to personal, trivial and senseless things lately that hindered me to write something. Lately, it’s so frustrating that the more efforts I tried to organize my thoughts or be logical, the more my brain goes awry - senior moments or maybe, I am just thinking too much or not thinking at all?While having a cup of cappuccino on my own at a coffee shop somewhere in the city, my inactive neurons tried to decipher these statements:  ·   “I want to inform you that I am(mentioned his profession)so basically I know all these things. It’s so complex that you cannot just teach people how to do it in very short time....”(statement)Ø   I said aloud,“I am on the same field. I can follow what you are talking about.” But what was in my mind was this. Who cares about your title or degree. At the end of the day, what people remember about you is your character and the way you treat or deal with them.(response of my brain)·    “I am charging ________ per day for the ___, the transportation and communication are not included yet.”Ø   I should have told that person that we (volunteers) are receiving that amount every month as our allowance which covers everything– our food, utilities, transportation. And we have no salary.·    “That price is good enough, everything is so expensive now and prices of goods are keep on increasing...blah..blah”Ø  I said aloud. “I understand.” What’s in my brain was this. I can be emphatic with you and I can understand you if you belong to the marginalize group or if you are poor. But you are not.·    Well, maybe you can find a lower service fee than mine but not the same quality that I can deliver.Ø   I did not utter a word. But maybe this person is not aware about the principles of healthy competition. And, he should know a better way to promote his competencies.·    “I am sincere to help.”Ø   I have no idea if this person is convincing me or convincing himself.a cup of cappuccino makes me awake the whole dayWell, life is pathetic sometimes. I think it is so human to be selfish at certain level that becomes acceptable or can be justified. I cannot define what level is acceptable or unacceptable. Or what and how much is enough not to be greedy and when and how to know to stop wanting more.I finished my cappuccino without noticing it. It was time for me to go. I left at the shop whatever bad thoughts I had in my brain. I hope no one would catch them. “Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction." Erich Fromm