Trump’s up
on Sheila Ash (India), 02/Jun/2017 10:18, 34 days ago
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Come on children learn Trump’s songhere’s the chorus you can sing alongit’s easy to learn, here’s how it goesnot a lot of thought but a lot of holesstep on out before we step back into a different tunethe one we want to singgrab a balloon and burst the bubbleshout out loud, cause lots of trouble.Against the world he stands so smugundoing all that Obama donejibing his finger at the airAmerica Firsthis mantra and prayerThe playground bullyboy’s at largecoded up for the final chargewas it a push, was it jostleat G7 meeting in Brussels?shoving Montenegro out of the waypositioning best for photo-op of the day.alone he struts from plane to planepulled by an unseen Russian chainHe doesn’t see the melting capshe doesn’t see the social gapsall he sees are the dollar signsparty sponsors standing in lineAll he sees is the contribution floodnot the fossil fuel lobby drench in bloodlast ditch attempts to keep their kingdomsblack gold and working class opinionsdirty jobs over clean renewablesleading the way to the world’s funeralHe can’t converse with those around,he’s pictured sulking as they drive aroundthe Gulf is widening day by daytwixt him and her the gossips say.Now world leaders turn on himfor he’s committed a fateful sinNicaragua , Syria the only other twonot signed up for Planet BlueMacron says it’s a big mistakeit’s not the world we want to maketo leave our children a world of hatefuelled by migrations, wars and shortagesslipping and sliding into service outages,continued austerity, political circuses.Extending out the hand of Fraternitéclimate changers‘come to France’ to staywork with those who won’t give uphelp the world in the big cleanup.© Sheila Ash 2ndJune 2017ashramblings