on Sheila Ash (India), 02/Jul/2017 12:58, 34 days ago
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Many paths weave life’s tapestryeach easy to walk absentlyguided by others design.I thought I wanted conformityuntil the enormityof life’s banalityblasted upon melike a giant neon sign.The road less travelled was frostyfull of uncertaintiesdoubts about ability,about emotional maturitymuddied my choice.People often say“You’re brave”so much soit becomes a trivialityechoing superficialityreflecting their mindless normalityshowing only the limits of their totalityeach day passing byin the same atonal voice.I thought my route not brave at alla compromisein my eyesrepresentinga failure to take chancesno daring strides or advancesoftimes stuck in circumstancesoutside of my sway.With Capricorn in the ascendantI strode forth resplendentdeveloping independencepassed down from my descendantsin ancestral DNA.I travelled far and widefacing fire and tideI never tried to hidefrom experiencing hospitality,embracing diversityaround the globe .I travelled hopefullyNever letting objectivityaccept the immoralityof social marginalityof political impartialityalways continued to probe.As I’m watching the finalityof other’s in their frailtyI realise with humilitythe final steps are drawnfor everyonenot in summationbut in steady decline and negationa total eliminationof the force which made us strong.Hoping for a departure with dignitywithout too much volatilitynor the needless litanyfrom an unwanted priest.But a silent misty destinyof willowy sleep and peace.© Sheila Ash 2ndJuly 2017ashramblings