Memories from a crochet hook
on Sheila Ash (India), 10/Jul/2017 06:30, 34 days ago
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Memories from a crochet hookGranny’s crochet shawlsspread across the settee backgathering cat hairs,budgie droppingsand age.Ponchos draped over 1970s shouldersabove bell-bottom blue denimswidened with insertspatched with Laura Ashley printspieces of faux furswaying to Crosby, Stills, Nash and Youngsmelling of sheep in the rain.Squares pointlessly joined togetherby WRI ladies’ restless fingersin dentist waiting roomsfor the children of Biafra.Pairs of dainty booteesalways whitetheir pink or blue ribbon lacesdiscarded appropriately.A red plastic casehousing a complete set of differently sized of hookssits forlornon the charity shop table.© Sheila Ash 10thJuly 2017ashramblings