Book Review: Of Mice and Men by John Stienbeck read by Clarke Peters
on Sheila Ash (India), 23/Aug/2019 09:04, 34 days ago
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Of Mice and MenbyJohn Steinbeckread by Clarke PetersMy rating:5 of 5 starsI listened to this read byClarke Petersnot realising to begin with who this name belonged to - as soon as I heard his voice it was distinctive and recognisable. Yes, we know him fromThe Wireand many other movies and he has one of those voices which I love and boy does he narrate this one well. It is a well known story, one I had not reread sinceJohn Steinbeckwas my chosen author to study for my Higher English exam, some 50 years ago!ashramblings verdict 5*it is a classic story what more can be said except to give this one a 5* for narration as well. Highly recommendedashramblings