AudioBookReview: Travels With A Donkey by Robert Louis Stevenson, abridged narraton by Denis Lawson
on Sheila Ash (India), 11/Oct/2020 08:17, 34 days ago
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Travels With A Donkey byRobert Louis StevensonMy rating:3 of 5 starsI re-listened to the abridged audio book of this classic traveloque that I have as others in my face to face book group read the whole thing. It is well narrated by Scottish actor Denis Lawson. Beautiful lyrical writing by the author whose adventure and science fiction tales are the tracks of my youth 'Treasure Island,Kidnapped,Kidnapped and Catriona,The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Other Tales of Terror,The Master of Ballantrae,The Black Arrowand the like, and whose travel writing -Letters from Samoa and In the South Seas"inspired me to travel to and write about his ultimate reting place in Vailamu Samoa. Modern sensibilities may be dismayed by his treatment of Modestine early on as he attempts to get the donkey to move at the appropriate pace but the writing pulls you in and along. What travel writing should be. It still gives a warm feeling all these years on from first acquaintance.ashramblings