Short Story Review: The Walker by Izumi Suzuki, transl. by Daniel Joseph
on Sheila Ash (India), 25/Jan/2022 04:08, 34 days ago
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The WalkerbyIzumi SuzukiMy rating:3 of 5 starsTest available online at Suzukiwas Japanese writer living between 1949 and 1986. The most informative account of her I found is from 2021 posting on Literary Hub ( from around the time her story collectionTerminal Boredom: Storiesappeared in English with stories translated byPolly Barton( whose name I recognised from several other translation of modern Japanese writers),Sam Bett,David Boyd(who has written about translating her work,Aiko Masubuchi,Helen O’HoranandDaniel Josephwho is the translator of this story. That collection is all the has been translated thus far.According to Granta, Daniel Joseph holds a Master's from Harvard in medieval Japanese Literature and who according to his Amazon's page he specializes in both modern and classical literature, science fiction, pop culture, music, and the avant-garde, and if this story is anything to go by that list may qualify for the addition of the term 'weird' ,The Walker is a short 4 page story, set in some unknown time and place where a narrator seems to have been walking for ages and seems icompelled to continue to walk, except that she encounters a woman with food cart. ******SPOILER ALERT*** hungry and with no money she exchanges an item of jewellery for food. This seems a fantasy encounter, told quite realistically, but the final twist left so gobsmacked, my only though was 'How strangely weird!'I've putTerminal Boredom: Storieson my To Be Read List  Postscript: Daniel Joseph has also written about her on Art Review  in 2021 ( )ashramblings