Book Review: The Enigma of Room 622 by Joël Dicker, Translated by The Enigma of Room 622 narrated by Chris Harper
on Sheila Ash (India), 14/Mar/2023 16:06, 34 days ago
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The Enigma of Room 622byJoël DickerTranslated byRobert BononnoNarrated byChris Harper My rating:4 of 5 starsJust the tonic! I needed a riveting, engaging book. This is a murder
mystery written within the framing story of a writer writing a novel
about solving an unsolved murder mystery whilst coping with having been
left by his girlfriend. The murder is solved by unwrapping the case as
if a writer was about to write a book about it, as each layer is
unwrapped the clues are there to help the reader, but of course the plot
seems to twist and turn. I will not say anything about the plot twists
as that would absolutely spoil the book. Suffice to say the way the book
is written swings back and back quite freely on different timelines
within the story and I now some folks don't like that but it didn't
cause any issue for me keeping up with when we were. I read this almost
600 pg book in 4 sittings, and would have done it in 3 if I'd been more
organized about other things. I'd never come across this author before I
read thisreview in World Literature Today (WLT). Its very pleasingly narration meant I enjoyed the book so much I've ordered two of his others books from my local libraryThe Truth About the Harry Quebert AffairandThe Disappearance of Stephanie Mailerashramblings