Book Review: Monsieur Linh and His Child, translated by Euan Cameron
on Sheila Ash (India), 20/Feb/2023 11:44, 34 days ago
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Monsieur Linh and His ChildbyPhilippe ClaudelMy rating:4 of 5 stars145 pages (in my library's large print edition) of absolute magic. This
story will make you cry whilst filling you with hope and joy. Two middle
aged men meet on a park bench. The two men do not share a language but
they share so much. One is a native of the western country, presumably
France, where they meet, he is a widower still grieving the loss of his
wife. The other appears to be much older, life-ravaged and is also
grieving. His is the loss of his wife years ago, his son and daughter in
law and all their small village of 12 families by war. His past is now
only memories, lost smells, one faded photo of him and his wife and the
babe in his arms. They friendship blossoms over cigarettes and talking
even though neither understands the others words they understand the
sentiments. Monsieur Bark mistakes the other's good day greeting of
Tao-lai as his name and the child's Sang diu as Sans Dieu. This mistake
is not a problem until it is.This is the first work I've read byPhilippe Claudeland I found it to be a well crafted, hugely moving, short read.ashramblings