Chopper Chimps
on Jambo Uganda (Uganda), 29/Sep/2009 07:20, 34 days ago
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It’s the ‘Year of the Gorilla’ in Uganda& Rwanda. There have been a host of events (a most notable one being 50 people in gorilla suits distributing conservation leaflets inthe centre of town; this resulted in an outcry from some Kampala residents, who were convinced that the chimp population had escaped from the national parks). This weekend, saw the launch of the‘Friend-a-Gorilla’ campaign ( a‘Gorilla Gala’.On Thursday night, my friend Dave (a pilot)& I hatched an idea for a little publicity stunt - to fly over the gala venue dressed as gorillas, waving from the chopper. All we needed were the gorilla suits… I really didn’t think we’d pull it off… but we did!If seeing the mountain gorillas of Uganda wasn’t enough, actually being one in a helicopter was chopper'tastic!