Muzungu, byeee!
on Mangos, Monkeys and Maggie (Uganda), 04/Oct/2009 20:29, 34 days ago
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In the four days that we have been home no-one has stopped us in the street to shake our hands, to ask how was our night, how is our morning, how is home, etc. Not a single child has called out‘Muzungu byeee’ and we haven’t had any requests for school fees!The grey, damp days are not so difficult; after all, we have had to deal with them for the last 50 odd years. Occasionally the sun comes out and the ever changing light over the river and sea is wonderful, reminding us of why we love this place. Communication is proving more frustrating than Masindi. We miss our little dongle! We do not have a landline, the mobile only works if we literally hang out of the window in the flat (or stand outside in the cold) and the only access to the internet is at the library. Why didn’t somebody remind us it closes all day on a Thursday?! So, just now we are on the train and not only can we sit back and enjoy the beautiful English countryside but we can take advantage of wireless internet. A great opportunity to write our last blog (and 100th posting!). Foremost in my memory right now are the characters who made our time in Masindi such a memorable one so I think it appropriate that my photo entries this time are of these people.The three youngest children of Rose: Aisha, Udetha and AkimUdetha and Akim returning from the mosque:Tracy and Aisha returning from the mosque:Solomon, one of our two guards at the house:Rasul, complete with bow and arrow, who is also a guard at the house:Some of the kids from Family Spirit Orphanage together with our niece Beatrice and friends Rick and Ed:Susan, teacher and matron at Family Spirit Orphanage:Maggie with Millie, an employee at New Court View Hotel:A few of our Masindi friends at Chris' birthday party:These are a few of my favourite shopkeepers in Masindi: