On xe buyts
on Charley and Jane in Vietnam (Vietnam), 09/Dec/2009 08:17, 34 days ago
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The Great British Bus Conductor. Wise-cracking, jack-the-lad, loveable rogues or arrogant bullying tinpot dictators– you decide. I've come across both archetype s in my time. But, alas! Now they're defunct, extinct, as dead as a parrot. Replaced by grouchy bus drivers whose sociapathic tendencies were always recognised and contained by placing them in that little sealed compartment at the front of the bus. itwas a cold day in hell when they let them out to serve us! But this blog is about Vietnam, so enough of them.Generally speaking I am enjoying my bus journey to and from work. The buses are single deck and (usually) air-conditioned. And what do you know - the Viet bus conductors are the characters that their British counterparts used to be. They're constantly hauling people on and off the bus (it never actually halts at a stop just comes to a 'rolling stop') turfing people from seats if a pregnant lady or olderly person– even a foreigner! - gets on (although to be fair the young people often volunteer their seats...there's a respect for the elderly here) and often jump out of the bus to direct traffic when there's a jam ahead or the bus wants to turn across a busy road.And, I'm pleased to say, there's one who's the dead spit of Reg Varney in 'On the Buses'! "I 'ate you Butler".Great fun to watch them in action.