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Walking - 09/Dec/2009 08:27 - 5308 days ago
Walking in Ho Chi Minh City is an absolute nightmare. The streets, pavements and outdoor markets are covered by motorbikes and a...

On xe buyts - 09/Dec/2009 08:17 - 5308 days ago
The Great British Bus Conductor. Wise-cracking, jack-the-lad, loveable rogues or arrogant bullying tinpot dictators– you decid...

On the road - 02/Nov/2009 08:34 - 5345 days ago
We've moved to District 1! It's great and I'll tell you all about it in another post, but it commits me to a gruelling 1.5 hour ...

Jane finds work - 28/Oct/2009 06:39 - 5350 days ago
Jane has found a job.  It goes under the rather grand title of Head of Nursing Department, at local Polyclinic (actual...

A Sunday afternoon at the Bia Hoi - 15/Oct/2009 09:15 - 5363 days ago
Let me tell you about Bia Hoi (pronounced 'beer hoy' and usually translated "fresh beer"). A wonderful discovery!  Bia hơi...

A Good Night Out - 09/Oct/2009 09:23 - 5369 days ago
We went in out into the centre of HCMC yesterday night. The pretext was meeting current VSO volunteers at a monthly NGO 'Happy H...

Food (again) - 05/Oct/2009 14:03 - 5373 days ago
Last Friday evening, after a long and intense meeting with the company's sales department my boss, Mr RTZ, took us all out for a...

In Country Orientation - 25/Sep/2009 04:58 - 5383 days ago
As I write we're still in Hanoi on In Country Orientation (ICO). That's a process that VSO employs to prepare us for our placeme...

Hanoi - 24/Sep/2009 04:38 - 5384 days ago
Hanoi is a fascinating city. It has served as the political centre of independent Vietnam since 1010 AD (yes, that means next ye...

Food - 22/Sep/2009 06:09 - 5386 days ago
The food we've encountered is a bit of a Curate's Egg (no pun intended). When its good (which is most of the time) its very very...

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