A Good Night Out
on Charley and Jane in Vietnam (Vietnam), 09/Oct/2009 09:23, 34 days ago
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We went in out into the centre of HCMC yesterday night. The pretext was meeting current VSO volunteers at a monthly NGO 'Happy Hour'. But the big bonus was that Alan Tooke, the Ipswich 'booy' who I met on SKWID was visiting town, prior to taking up his appointment with VSO in Cambodia. In conversation it only turns out that Alan is cousin to Neville, married to Mum's good friend Connie (does this mean that we're related in some weirdly Suffolk fashion?).  Mum will be delighted at the coincidence! It was a good evening although I wasn't overwhelmed by the chosen venue 'Oz Bar& Grill'. A tad soulless for moi, and as for the high-stools a clear problem of style over function! Better when we moved on to Bui Vien near our hotel and just 'hung out' watching the street activity. Jane nearly freaked at half a dozen rats frolicking just feet from us. I felt like the Pied Piper of Hamelin!