In Country Orientation
on Charley and Jane in Vietnam (Vietnam), 25/Sep/2009 04:58, 34 days ago
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As I write we're still in Hanoi on In Country Orientation (ICO). That's a process that VSO employs to prepare us for our placement. Its a intensive period of language lessons and lectures on VSO Vietnam's HIV/AIDS and Disability programmes (often given by people living with HIV/AIDS and Disability). There are cultural visits to museums and on Saturday we spent the day with a Vietnamese family to experience typical everyday family life. It's very different from the start of my contract in Saudi Arabia when I was taken on a quick tour of Riyadh, given a file and told to go out and do the job! Its been great and the Vietnamese programme office staff kindness itself. We couldn't have envisaged a better start to our time here. Tomorrow we will leave Hanoi for Ho Chi Minh City and my next post will be after I have started the placement!