Food (again)
on Charley and Jane in Vietnam (Vietnam), 05/Oct/2009 14:03, 34 days ago
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Last Friday evening, after a long and intense meeting with the company's sales department my boss, Mr RTZ, took us all out for a meal.  "We eat beefsteak" he said.  Hmm, that sounds great I thought.  I'm dying for a decent bit of meat.  So we all climbed aboard the motor-bikes, me riding pillion with the friendly Mr Han and negotiated a maze of back-streets before ending up at a BBQ.  Well, actually it was a BQ but who cares about a missing consonant, huh?  The neon 'Laughing Cow' sign was also a nice touch.  And it started promisingly when the crate of beers arrived.  Then the beef ribs...ah, a bit of meat on the bone would be nice.  Never mind, here is a stew of steak and vegetables...Uh-oh, make that gristle and veg.  Ah, finally something we can eat - bread-crumbed deep-fried strips, couldn't place the texture...somewhere between cheese and fish?  Finally, the penny dropped - or rather it was dropped for me - when my neighbour, the delightful Annie, whose English is QUITE good, leant towards me and said the immortal words "I think you call this brain clot?".  Ah, cow brain. Maybe that cow wasn't laughing after all - maybe it was a MAD COW!  Never mind, the company was fun and the beers kept flowing...and I washed it all down.