The beginning...
on Le Reveil du Soleil (India), 17/Mar/2009 14:05, 34 days ago
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Here I am, in the huge sunny dusty Delhi! And absolutely enjoying!Actually I can't really believe. It is surreal. It seems already far away the trip to get here. I arrived late night and among first things I saw on the way from the airport to our new home - an elephant. Unbelievable!Delhi is hard to characterize at least just after couple of days. It is very polluted and dusty, foggy sky, with a absolutely crazy suicidal traffic, sometimes you can see cows on the streets though is the capital, lot of street dogs,lovely green areas, lovely buildings and temples, fantastic food though too spicy for me and people everywhere. March is very pleasant, sunny and warm but it starts to become hotter and hotter. The people are very friendly, nice and curious. As a white foreigner (and especially as a woman) it is impossible not to draw attention... People are greeting you, children are following you (they are lovely!).. probably after a while you get tired of so much attention.Otherwise, we just started our In Country Training. And the language course. I am learning Oryia which I found so difficult! Totally different structure. It is really tough.The place we are staying is fine not really after our standards but I just don't want to occupy my mind about the cleaning issue.We are a bunch of 13 volunteers from UK, US, Canada, Australia, Philipines and me.. lovely people and it is nice we have time to spend and enjoy Delhi as a group too.I think that's all for now. I am feeling quite tired as it is hard to sleep (probably because of antimalarial pills).To soon,Cristina