I see your true colours shining through...
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Bhubaneswar PRIDESaturday the 3rd was a busy day. On my way to meet with my friend Sujit to discuss my future story telling at his foundation. I met up with the Bhubaneswar Pride Walk 2010. It was really a sight to been seen in this sometimes backwards state. I was feeling kinda bummed that weekend because I was missing Toronto Pride which really is one of the best weekends in my city. So, I was thrilled to see men wearing wigs, make-up and saris! Women were a presence as well but none in elaborate clothing. Everyone looked fabulous! As happy and great as everyone looked I had to remember that this event is less of a celebration of lifestyle and more of a fight for equal rights. People involved with the walk handed out pamphlets about LGBT rights and lifestyles. I noticed a large number of police but I didn't see any one trying to interfere with the walk or be disrespectful. I stood beside the group and their giant rainbow flag and chanted "same sex same rights!" before I had to be on my way. It was really spectacular to see this movement here.The Pride walk coming up to Ram Mandeer.Pride Truck.Rally (which VSOers are supposed to avoid) so I took my pics and got out of there.Bakul School Foundation Story TimeI visited Bakul School Foundation shortly after the meet-up with the Pride Walk to see fellow volunteer Paul read an Australian story for English story time. Only two children came but the show went on. I have agreed to a reading on July 17th and plan to read a Robert Munsch book.Paul pointing out Australia on the globe.Paul reading the story.I'll also have the opportunity to share a little bit about my home country before the story begins. I will be pointing out Canada on the world map and showing off the flag. I also want to talk to the kids a little bit about animals and being a vegan so I will come ready with pictures of Canadian animals like moose and beavers. I'm also planning to make some pancakes to be topped with some real Canadian maple syrup I have in the house. I figure I will share some of this precious commodity because it is for an educational purpose. More to come after my story session. Learn more about Bakulhere.Poster for the reading featuring yours truly.Kalkota Part TwoThis past weekend I traveled with some fellow Bhubaneswarians to Kolkata. It was a time to relax with other English speakers and enjoy the perks of a big city. We visited an art gallery (where I purchased a gorgeous purse), a mall that had a Lush (where I purchasedNone of your Beeswax Vegan Lip Balmand we sat for hours talking in the local coffee shop (partly because the service was so slow and partly because it was nice to be around some many other expats). Other highlights for me were: taking the subway, eating at McDonald's (vegan options of course) and sitting around theSunflowersinging and playing songs. I really love the feel of Kolkata and hope that I can return there at least once more before I leave India.Pictures from the weekend:Passing over Howrah bridge.Our lovely accommodations.Salty lime sodas being made.Peter Cat menu. Love the name of this restaurant.Peter Cat food... which I think made me sick but it was still really good!Viva la communism!Cool cemetery.A man walking a goat and a monkey. Funny to see but the reality is animal exploitation.Song from title:True Colours by Cindy Lauper