I drove five-hundred thousand miles to find a world unlike my own and now the middle of nowhere seems like my home.
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Bakul School Foundation Canadian Story TimeJuly 17th was my debut as the Canadian story time teller. I made a power point presentation which seemed to go over well with the kids. There were no words, just pictures of me, my family, friends, Niagara Falls, Toronto, snow and Canadian landmarks and animals. I wanted the children to understand a little about me and where I'm from. I also explained our flag and the maple leaf which was a good segway into maple syrup and the pancakes that I had made for everyone. The food was a real hit and I had kids coming back for seconds.Finding Canada on the globe.AnnMarie's life in Canada presentation.Kids eating up the pancakes.Love his face!I read them a Robert Munsch book called Purple, Green and Yellow. It was a fun story and the kids seemed into it. I was even asked for two autographs post reading! I'm a star! So, it is now my mission to beef up the book collection with some more stories by Canadian authors. They definitely need more Munsch! I'll be flying some books back with me after my sister's wedding next month so please feel free to pass on titles and authors... or even books.The book.Reading!OAB UpdateProgress or no progress? that is the question. Things work sooooo slowly here. I actually staged a one day strike saying that I was not coming into the office until the new administration was ready to sit down and see a software demo from me. They kept pushing the meeting off and not showing up and making excuses so I got a little desperate. One day off work and they were ready to see the software. Now they are getting quotes for servers based on my specs and have plans to open a job matching lab. Seems to me like they were impressed with how well it worked with the screen-reader.After the meeting they even narrowed my role over my last three months here.1.Set up the job matching web application.2.Training staff how to use it3.Train staff/members computer skills (I get to train the elite computer users on more advanced computing techniques so that they can pass down their knowledge in the future.)So now I am awaiting the server(for 1.5 months!) and doing as much training as I can. Feeling a little frustrated but hope that things are on track before I leave for Canada for my sister's wedding.Song from title:My Hotel Year by The Ataris