I watch you braid your hair, you're from another time when the earth wasn't so angry and god was on our side.
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Social Work for Persons with Disabilities Book LaunchOn the 7th of August my dear friend and workmate Prangya Behera released a book that she wrote entitled "Social Work for Persons with Disabilities". It was great to see her hard work come to fruition. The function was a success from start to finish and everyone seemed engaged and happy for her. The inauguration seemed to have all the components that one would come to expect at such and event in India:1)A banner with the event name and date.2)Esteemed guests that will sit onstage throughout the function.3)A lamp pooja to bless the event.4)Videographers and photographers.5)News Station reporters.6)Tiffin. (A box filled with Indian snacks. My favourite!)Prangya's book is a collection of Indian law pertaining to disability as well as a guide for Community Based Rehabilitation(CBR) Programs. The book is meant for persons with disabilities, students of social work and social workers. She has been selling copies to individuals and is in contact with multiple universites in hopes to have professors use it as a teaching tool. Please contact me if you wish to know more about the book and I will put you in touch with the author.The Banner.Presider of the function.Lighting the Lamp.Unveiling the book.Buying the book after the function.Lunch time offering songEvery day at the OAB (while school is in session for the visually impaired students) there is lunch served in the canteen. Before eating a song is performed to offer their lunch to the gods. Only after this offering can everyone enjoy their food. Hearing the singing always puts a smile on my face. Here you go...Hindu offering song.Flag Hoisting CeremonyAugust 15th was Independence Day in India. This year marked the 53rd celebration of being free from British rule and India's birth as a sovereign nation. In India it seems that holidays are to be spent with co-workers and family. A typical holiday involves heading to work early to celebrate with colleagues before heading home to celebrate with loved ones. My work is no exception, so I got up extra early and made it to the hoisting ceremony for 7am. It was a lot of speeches, songs and chanting around the flag.The hoisted flag.Ceremony around the blessing powder placed on the ground.Indian National AnthemSong from title:Temazcal by Monsters of Folk