All creatures great and small
on Heather Saunders (Nigeria), 05/Oct/2010 11:36, 34 days ago
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Sometimes I love my office for the utterly random things which occur here, it's unlike any other place I've worked before. There are usually at least two small children and a lot of animals roaming around, be it kittens, goats, chickens or just the usual lizards.Today the animal level increased fifty fold, as the GHR programme (that's the name of the funder, no one knows what it stands for!) brought rabbits and day old chicks to distribute to communities as part of the secure livelihoods programme. The idea is that each community gets two rabbits and some chicks, which then grow, the chicks lay eggs, and the rabbits procreate. Once fully grown the community sell their products and or their offspring and use the money for the community, they can keep it going as an income generating programme or use the money to support a community development project.So, here's the sight which greeted me at the office today, hope you enjoy it as much as I did!