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Sai wata rana - 06/Jun/2011 20:07 - 4704 days ago
As most of you know by now, I’m HOME! And thought it was about time to write a bit about Nigeria, the elections and how I feel...

A few outfits - 20/Feb/2011 18:24 - 4810 days ago
Part of the joy of living in Nigeria is the ability to design (or in my case attempt to design) your own clothes. There are smal...

Akwei malaria - 03/Feb/2011 14:05 - 4827 days ago
When I arrived in Nigeria, I was told about a volunteer in Lagos who'd had malaria six times. I was astonished, and wondered how...

A poem - 20/Jan/2011 12:32 - 4841 days ago
As my last post was so extensive I held back on including my wonderful poem from secret santa, but thought I'd add it in as I th...

We're all going on a, Christmas holiday - 17/Jan/2011 17:12 - 4844 days ago
Happy New Year! And happy harmattan, currently inKadunait's averaging a chilly 21 degrees in the shade, and my colleagues a...

What is a capacity building advisor? - 08/Dec/2010 12:11 - 4884 days ago
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Church Naija style - 23/Nov/2010 12:17 - 4899 days ago
When I arrived in Nigeria, I was told the apocryphal story of a previous volunteer who had agreed to go to church with an acquai...

Family holiday in Naija - 12/Nov/2010 10:24 - 4910 days ago
A few weeks ago Mummy and Daddy Saunders came to Nigeria, and I'm pleased to say... they survived! They found Nigeria, hot, dust...

Nigeria at 50 - 26/Oct/2010 11:42 - 4927 days ago
The astute among you will notice that this post is about two weeks late. I got somewhat distracted by my parents visiting Nigeri...

All creatures great and small - 05/Oct/2010 11:36 - 4948 days ago
Sometimes I love my office for the utterly random things which occur here, it's unlike any other place I've worked before. There...

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