A poem
on Heather Saunders (Nigeria), 20/Jan/2011 12:32, 34 days ago
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As my last post was so extensive I held back on including my wonderful poem from secret santa, but thought I'd add it in as I think it's a work of poetic genius. In the Dutch tradition each present came with a poem, whose author should remain nameless, but my secret santa gave the game away a bit here...Nobody leave the room,Everyone listen to meThere is a young lady here called Heather,Who is a good friend to me.I first me her on the streets,She was showing a friend the sights,We then went to Sea Breeze,Drank Harp and enjoyed the night.She fell in love in Nigeria,To an English man,They braved the floods together,He left in harmattan.The amazing Kano Durbar,Was really lots of fun,Sanusi's village, horse parades, Government House,All under the hot sun.A dangerous journey to Dutse,Her parents bravely made,To relax and enjoy The Palace,And the police station in the shade!We shared a bed at Chida,Heather finally met our team,I stole her croissants for breakfast,Then left her with her hangover and dreams.And last but obviously not least,Obudu, Afi and Calabar,A Christmas holiday of a lifetime,Arranged by Heather - what a star!Heather is leaving soon,And that makes me sad,If it was David Strawbridge,It wouldn't be so bad!With my English man, Richard.