I throw my hands up in the air sometimes. Saying "AYO!" Gotta let go! I want to celebrate and live my life. Saying "AYO!" Baby let's go!
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Home and Back AgainAfter a much need hiatus back in my home country I have returned to Bhubaneswar now more motivated and focused on completing my placement. I had travelled home to attend my sister's wedding and took a couple weeks to catch up with family, friends and camp (it's what Canadians do!).Canada was a whirlwind of activity that was over all too quickly. It was hard to part with my loved ones especially my fiance for the third time this year but I am taking comfort knowing it is the last time... and I can really only describe this feeling by quoting no other then Homer J. Simpson: "NEVER LEAVE AGAIN"... even though I'm the one that is leaving.Leaving had allowed me to rediscover India and really pinpoint all of the things that I will be missing when I'm home for good... aside from the obvious like my roomie Jen and my great friend Prangya. I'll give you the short list (in no particular order):Volunteers (I have made some great friends and it will be hard to leave not knowing when and if we will meet again.)My workmates and OAB members (I still have people that stop by my office and thank me for just being here.)Food (such good vegan food.... and the "veg" and "non-veg" menus everywhere making it really easy to eat vegan)My animal friends. (I have routines with certain dogs, cats and cows...including pets, snacks and general greetings. I doubt anyone else will be showing them the love and attention that I have been providing.)Dancing at HHI Underground. (Our western-ish club hangout on Saturday nights where we do our best Bollywood dancing to pop-Hindi and our special cars home thanks to the wonderful management who always take care of us.)My many rickshaw drivers who always go out of their way to say hello and get me where I'm going.... I'll leave it at that. More to come on this subject as I'm settling in at home.Highlights from my trip home.Taking part in my sister's wedding. A truly amazing day.Happily walking with alcohol in hand... nothing to be ashamed of here.Playing games with niece and nephews.Blowing out the candles on my vegan birthday cake.Hearing the ringing of silence while staring out at beautiful Algonquin park. (no screeching horns, no chai-wallahs calling, no cows mooing, nothing!)Song from title:Dynamite by Taio Cruz