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OAB UpdateAfter two weeks back to work I have won my battle with my NGO and they provided a computer for me that will host my job matching software. I was really beginning to think that it may never happen and that I would have to go home without seeing this year of work finally coming together. I have successfully set up the software in the office and I am now chasing the OAB around for people to train... I keep reminding myself that this is India and this is how things work. Come to think of it the Commonwealth Games fiascos in India over the past little while are a really good picture of how things in India get done. I notice again and again that things do happen but with little planning and last minute luck. It's sort of like this:Don't talk about upcoming events, holidays, or goings-on until shortly before they happen.Throw a plan together and execute quickly and sloppily without too much attention to detail.Invite import guests and audiences the day before or the day of events.(In my case I hope my training is not like that)Frantically call for banners, programmes, prizes, tiffins and flowers very close to the event.Begin the event about an hour later than scheduled while still setting up.Complete the event a little off schedule typically meeting your goals.Rejoice that everything worked out despite the amount of stress and running around it took to get things done.Don't learn from this process and repeat for everything that needs doing.OK. So I realize this is a big generalization and yes I'm sure that not every NGO, business and person is like this in India but it is something that volunteers talk about again and again. This is how I have seen most programmes, workshops and seminars put together at my work and I have heard story after story from volunteer friends that add up to the same. At this point we just laugh and repeat our mantra“This is India!”So, I am now again waiting on my NGO to provide me people to train... even though I handed them a paper with instructions, dates and times and all they have to do is“fill in names here”. My plan is to stay home writing out a plan for my training and making two manuals (one without pictures to be printed in Braille) and hope that my not being there will prompt them to do work for me.... it has worked in the past. At least I have something to keep myself busy.Here are some stories and highlights of the issues with the facilities at the common wealth games. This situation highlighted perfectly how things are "planned" in India.Dirty WashroomsPicture from BridgePicture from has been a dream of mine to adopt a street dog since I came to India. After a lot of research, planning and finding a good vet in Bhubaneswar I was able to bring my doggie home. The experience has been bittersweet because I had picked out a dog that I called“Jaggy” (after Lord Jagannath) and told him that I would take him in from his street life when I returned back from Canada. He was living outside my work and I would visit him everyday... I have know him and his litter since they were nursing last December. Unfortunately I have not been able tofind him since I have come back. I'm hoping he has settled down somewhere else and is not hurt or dead. I waited as long as I could (there are timed vaccinations I wanted done before Canada) and then chose another puppy that I had befriended that is actually from the Mother... meaning that he is Jaggy's brother. So, Shea and I have named him JB as a tribute to our lost dog and I have had him with me at home and in the office for about a month. He is smart, playful and sweet.A day before I took him home.Sleeping on his bed.Exploring.Song from title:Shirts and Gloves by Dashboard Confessional