Gorilla Weekend!
on Kelti Giles (Rwanda), 04/Nov/2010 13:17, 34 days ago
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One of the main reasons people visit Rwanda is to see the almost-extinct gorillas of the mist, that are now protected thanks to efforts of the Rwandan gov't&conservationists like Dian Fossey. I am not a tourist here but I have to say, my visit to the Gorillas was one of the top 10 experiences of my life! I went with another VSO volunteer and his cousin. We stayed overnight at Ruhengheri, the village at the base of the mountains, where the gorillas live. We had to walk about 30 minutes to find the gorillas basking in the sun. After awhile, they started to move, and we tracked them with the help of the guide. One came right towards us and grabbed my butt, like a typical adolescent male (which he was). I will NEVER wash those pants! Many pictures were taken during our 1 hour and 10 minute visit with these amazing creatures but I only have room for a couple here...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED EXPERIENCE!!!